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    I'm on my third 700w. When I called to get this one replaced, for random resets, no picking up of signal, dropping calls, etc and etc, and etc., I made sure to ask the customer service rep at the data services line if I was getting a new model and he went and check and said yes.

    Well imagine my surprise when I get a voicemail AFTER I get my supposed "new" Treo that said the model I got was now my SECOND refurbished unit.

    The policy at VZW is that they will ONLY replace new phones that break (first phones that is) with TWO refurbished models before their "three strikes" scenario and THEN replace the FOURTH one you get with a new model.

    Why are we guinea pigs? When I called I was told, work with this one, see what happens. The SECOND one only lasted 3 weeks. It started acting up almost immediately and I lived with it for as long as I could.

    Anyone else know about this crap policy from these bozo liars?
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    Verizon will only replace a phone with a new unit if its within the first 15 days of purchase or you had 3 strikes which I did. I fought to get the xv6700 instead and sold it a few weeks ago and went back to the Treo700w. All I really want is more RAM.
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    My second unit WAS within the first 15 days, and they still screwed me over. The same rep who told me that the 700w had built in wifi AND 64Mb of available RAM was the same one who told me that the unit I got second time around was "new." I'm guessing that his definition of new means "pre-owned."

    Only thing I can say is that VZW is full of bogus cheese eating surrender monkeys.

    Just wanted to add, this is month FOUR of my Treo experience and I'm on UNIT THREE.

    You do the math.

    (cheese eating surrender monkeys)
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    I would call and tell them to replace it with a new unit. If you purchased it at a store take it to them directly. Do let the monkey's eat your cheese.
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    they won't replace it with a new unit until the 4th unit. that's the VZW policy.
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    ...and then they say that Palm only allows them to send a brand new version of the same model. I'm getting a brand new 700w next week from 3 strikes despite every phone having rhe same issue. I even asked for a refurb p rather than ANOTHER w. they said palm made them agree not to swap models ever.
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    If you don't want to go with another Treo 700w then push the case and be firm but polite. I was able to exchange my Treo 700w that I received new and did NOT open and send it back for an XV6700. I liked it but in the end for me at least the OS update made a difference on the Treo700w. I want more RAM then I will be pretty much set.

    If you start with wireless data tech support and let them know the hassles and replacements you've had. Its not easy but it can be done.
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    I just received a warranty replacement unit from Verizon and it does not bear any marks that explicitly state that it is a refurbished unit. I'm worried I'm missing something.

    Could you please tell me how you distinguish between a refurbished unit and a new unit?

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    If it came in a plain white box shipped inside a fed ex box then its most likely RF. If it arrives as a full kit in Treo 700w box then its new.
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    When a new unit is activated it often extends your contract. This has happened to me 4 times with different devices. It only happened once with my 700w but since I'd only had the device 1 month, it only extended my contract one month. I let it go.

    Once some supervisor was needed to modify my account to allow the activation to take place without extension. Another time, a supervisor had to put the contract date back.

    Each time, I was told prior to activating the new phone that my contract would not change. Therefore, you can't trust the reps -- they are giving you information based on their knowledge but they are often wrong. Call back in a day or so and check on your contract date to be sure.
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    Thanks again.

    I was surprised there is no record/marking (that stays on the phone) that indicates that it is refurbished. It seems a little sketchy. When I exchanged my dell axim it was clearly marked as refurbished in its battery compartment.

    I spoke to the Verizon folks today and they didn't shed any light on this either.

    For the purpose of selling the unit, I'm going to assume it is a refurb.
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    refurbs might have a different seal on the antenna screw. The original is red with white letters (p1) and the refirbished I have seen are white with small red letters.
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    I got my phone a few days after it was released which was in the begining of Jan 06 if I remember right. My 4th treo is on the way. First replacement was a brand new phone, second replacement was a refurb, and now third replacement will be a refurb. My friend got his first treo two months ago and he's already on his third. I wonder what percentage of people have had their treos replaced. I had an xv6600 for a full year before the treo and I never had to have it replaced. Thanks heavens my xv6600 still works so I can use it as a temporary phone.

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