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    Found this potentially interesting product that I assume uses the location info from your built in gps on your phone like Verizon's Navigator. It claims that it supports Windows Mobile among other phone OS's when released. No info on pricing yet.

    Some quotes from an article about it found at this site.

    "MapQuest(r) Navigator, in partnership with Telmap, will soon enable consumers to access Global Positioning Service (GPS), turn-by-turn, voice-guided directions on mobile phones."

    "MapQuest expects the MapQuest Navigator service will be available through major U.S. wireless carriers later this year."

    Hopefully this will not be one of those getitnow apps that we can't get access to.
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    Awesome. I was thinking of getting a GPS device for the 700w but then when I saw the commercials for the Verizon Navigator I was impressed. Can't wait!
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    this sounds fantastic, I love virtual earth but not having access to the built-in gps stinks. Mapquest Navigator would solve the problem
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    Well they've announce Mapquest Navigator and it does use Location based GPS which our Treo's have, but it's not clear that Sprint or VZW will make it available as a WM5 download. Previously the mapquest site said it runs on WM5 devices. It's a java app so it should work on the Treo just like Google maps using the IBM J9 Java support. The cost is $9.99/month. I'll try to get more info.
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    The one on my RAZR V3c is amazing.
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    why does mapquest website only show half screen (only able to view FROM)? Anyone has the same problem?
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    I see From and To. I just scroll down to the To part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    I see From and To. I just scroll down to the To part.
    Do you see it on your PDA? Because I only see upto FROM.
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    yep, I see it on my pda using PIE.

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