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    In a previous thread, I mentioned that installing Wireless Sync rendered ActivecSync inoperative. Since no one had any suggestions or experience repairing AS in this situation, I went the hard reset route.

    I then changed the setting on AS to sync everything EXCEPT e-mail. I installed the PC monitor on my home PC and it began happily sending everything in outlook to VZW's sync cite (boy, I wish you could tell PC monitor to only send e-mail). I then installed Wireless Sync on the Treo, set it to only sync e-mail, and to leave AS enabled.

    Everything worked fine for half a day. However, when I cradled my Treo, WS inexplicable started syncing (and subsequently erasing) my calendar. It got into this death loop of copying calendar items, then erasing them. I rechecked the WS settings on my Treo and the sync calendar box was unchecked. I have no idea how or why it was messing with my calendar. After spending two hours moving deleted calendar entries out of Deleted Items and back to the Calendar (there were as many as 9 deleted copies of some events, indicating that this death loop iterated 9 times before I noticed), I uninstalled WS and am going back to just using AS.

    This really limits the usefulness of this device. I was excited about being able to get my home e-mail delivered to me remotely.

    Anyone have similar experiences (preferably with the happy ending of "..and here's how you fix it")? Or can anyone suggest an alternative way of getting a standalone home PC to send me my e-mail?

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    I use WS for all synchronizing tasks and rarely if ever plug my Treo in for ActiveSync. I set up my AS profile to sync nothing so all it does is connect and stay connected (for things like PDANet). Quit trying to have both of them sync the same data and you'll be fine.
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    I didn't think I was trying to have them sync the same data. I want WS to sync my e-mail, and I want AS to sync everything else. What is baffling me is that WS started syncing my calendar, even when the checkbox for syncing the calendar was unchecked.
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    Are you opposed to having WS do all of your sync'ing? That works wonderfully for me and I'm just curious as to why you wouldn't want the instant push update of all of your PIM stuff that you get w/ WS.
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    I'm not opposed to it per se; however, there will be no changes to my contacts or calendar at home when I'm away, so wireless sync for those seems unnecessary. I only want the e-mail to get sent to me. If WS works flawlessly when syncing everything, I guess I can try it - but so far it hasn't done what I have configured it to do, so I am suspicious of continuing to try to make it work.

    Is it everyone's experience that WS only works if you sync ALL of your Outlook info? if so, why does WS give you (the apparently non-working, at least for me) option to deselect certain types of information?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Debo
    Quit trying to have both of them sync the same data and you'll be fine.
    The solution here is to let TWO programs sync the exact same data and "everything will be fine."???

    ok, here's the answer, Wireless Sync is a piece of ****. No, really. It has no concept what is going on. It's a half bastardized software that wasn't completely ported to the PPC. If you look in the options you'll find a very interesting conundrum:

    Imagine software that works well in one scenario and then is "sorta'" ported to another. then, it's crippled about 95% and then left to run on unsuspecting users.

    That would be Wireless Sync.

    Call VZW Data Support ask them your questions, see if they can even access the screens you're talking about. Heh, go on, it'll be a hoot.

    Well, it'll be a hoot for them.

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