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    What is the easiest and fastest way to call frequently called number like calling your wife or your office? Many times I do this in the car and the 700w screen isn't as call friendly as the 650.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Voice command allows you to call a contact by name (uses up too much memory for my liking). I have my 5 most dialed numbers with photos on the top row of my today screen as speed dial buttons (also assigned to number keys). See the attched photo. Just hitting the call key will also bring up recently called numbers.

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    what program are you using ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by comedytreogirl
    what program are you using ?
    Program for what? I use Wisbar Advanced for the theme and SK Tools for the smiley face today plug-in (battery/memory/storage status). The photo speed dials are built into WM5.

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    2nd the photo speed dials .. Thumb sized work great .........
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    speed dial attached to any of the buttons

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