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    see title.
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    I have tried the latest versions of Opera, Minimo, and Netfront. All have great features but for the life of me can't get any of them to run correctly on my 700w. I always wind up going back to Internet Explorer.

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    I had exactly the same experiences. None run quite right on the 240x240 and so I keep going back to PIE
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    I use Opera and paid for it, works just fine on my Treo 700w. The only thing I have not figured out yet is how to get my mobile favorites to import into Opera.
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    um, none run quite right because all require more memory than is available on the 700w.

    Try this experiment, install SPB Pocket Plus, and run the Treo in safe mode and then run any of these programs, you'd be amazed how easily they run then.
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    Both..... Opera for graphics intensive stuff or websites without PDA formatting. PIE for fast and dirty searches weather etc...
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    I use this occasionally just for grins:

    It's tiny (75.5K) and essentially uses the PIE engine adding tabs. The options screen isn't designed for the square screen but you don't miss anything when you temporarily turn off the tabs before accessing the options.
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    I was using Opera v8.6 but just recently installed the new NetFront v3.3, I was looking for an alternative to PIE simply because I wanted tabbed browsing.

    I'm actually going to keep both Opera and NetFront, here are some reasons why;

    - NeFront has faster rendering, it's noticably much faster downloading and rendering pages, although slower when opening new tabs.

    - Netfront "smart-fit" rendering, so far, seems a nicer alternative to Opera's "single-column" rendering, at least on pages I've looked at.

    - Opera can open more tabs, I've had 25 tabs open in Opera with no problem, NetFront seems to choke far sooner, I've had it lock up after 6 or so. Opera opens new tabs faster, so this may be just a matter of me not waiting long enough for NF. Also, Opera installed in memory, but NF on SD card, so that may account for slower NF speed opening new tabs.

    - Netfront can "find on page", ie. search for text on a page, something SORELY missing from Opera, and my main reason for switching.

    Overall, quick and dirty comparison results:

    Search on page: winner NetFront, completely absent from Opera
    Rendering speed: winner NetFront
    Rendering format: wiinner NetFront smart-fit over Opera single column.
    No. of Tabs: winner Opera, no issues many tabs open
    New Tab opening speed: winner Opera, NF hesitates far longer.

    So they each have strengths and weaknesses, but I find I'm using NetFront the most.
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    I was a huge PIE fan for a while and I still am, for the most part for what I do I think its a good mobile browser, I would love to have the MiniMo but we all know that the 700w has issues with it, right now I use PIE and Opera. They both has already stated have strengths and weakness. I think my main reason for Opera is I don't seem to have the memory issue when doing alot of heavy browsing, I notice that with PIE when I browser alot of web pages that it begins to slow down to the point where I have to reset, where I don't see that with Opera. I am real stingy with memory, I usually run with around 10 megs of ram. Other than that issue, eh I can't complain and would throw my hat in with Opera as a heavy use browser and PIE for quick and dirty
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    depends on what case i'm using
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    Yes on what case i have is the factor
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    and don't forget the screen protector too. that also has a lot to do with it.

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