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    I very, very infrequently can get a consistent EVDO connection nowadays. I use the phone primarily in Central New Jersey and Manhattan. For a short period of time after I got the 700w I was connecting to EVDO frequently, but since it has degraded to the point where I rarely ever do. I would assume in this area I would not have a problem with this.

    Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?
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    try *228 and see if that helps.
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    I also am in Manhattan (and Westchester) most of the time, and I get spotty EV service from time to time. Three observations:

    1. *228 does seem to help - do it every couple of weeks
    2. Although I am in a window office, my experience is that EV indoors is spottier than outdoors, street level
    3. After spending an hour on the phone with VZW service trying to troubleshoot problems with my ability to get an EV signal (among other issues), VZW suggested I send in my phone and get one of their refurbished replacement phones. Only after the replacement exhibited EXACTLY the same behavior, and I was lucky enough to call back and get a tech who knew what he was doing, did they notice that my account had been provisioned incorrectly. Can't tell you what they changed, but it helped a lot. So call and ask them to check ALL of the account settings. With that said, I still experience a lot of drops in EV in downtown Manhattan, but far less than when I first got the Treo.

    Hope this helps ...
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    I am in central NJ as well (Old Bridge), and have always gone from 1x to EV on a regular basis, even with frequent *228's. In order for a PRL update to be succesful there have to be new towers to pick up, which is not the case right now in NJ
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    Try *22899 as well, yes, it's the activation number, however, sometimes it works as well as the *228 number.

    The rep the other day said that when you dial *228 you have choose an option, if you dial *22899 you don't.

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