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    I just got my 700w today - previously I owned (and LOVED) a 650 and had been using Palm OS PDAs for a decade. My work changed providers, and the only option was to "upgrade" to a 700w. With my 650, I was able to do override some components of Goodlink and use the Palm OS applications like contacts and calendar (datebk5). Do you know of a way to do this with the 700w and Goodlink? I would like to get 3rd party contacts and calendar programs. I don't want to sync my contacts or calendar with Goodlink (which is linked to my company's server) nor with Outlook (which I'm assuming would also be pointed to my company's server). I would like to just have this info on my PC and on my 700w. The reason being is that I don't want to mix my personal life with my work calendar. Same logic goes for my personal contacts vs work-related ones. I was successful in keeping these items separate on my 650.

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    This has been a constant drumbeat from many people who have used (or tried to use) Goodlink with other applications, including the built-in PDA apps. Fact, is that it won't work and they're not appologetic about it. "It's as designed" is generally how the responses go. But you might try taking your inquiry to the Goodlink sub-forums here to see what their reps have to say. Don't be surprised, though, if you get a response like we've seen in the past. They just don't get this or why anyone would want to, apparently.

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