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    I've just received the iGuidance and iBlue combo from semson's. The software is really simple and the UI is usable. I'm using this on the Treo 700W.

    Voice navigation is really not usable which makes the product useless! The voice prompt have extremely long pauses between words.
    For example: "in", pause 5 seconds, "200", pause 5 seconds, "feet", pause 5 seconds, "turn left".

    In the meantime, you've already gone through that turn, and several turns beyond that while iGuidance is still hickupping turn directions several steps behind.

    What am I doing wrong? Are there settings I can change?
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    For now, that's just the way it is. You can turn off your phone (the radio) and the speech will be normal speed. I hope iGuidance releases a software fix addressing this.
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    That's a crutch ... the reason to have a phone is to have it turned on. Any other software would have to co-exist with the phone functionality.

    So for me at the moment, iGuidance is just not a viable software for Treo 700W.

    I really hate marketing hype that hides a pretty big deficiency such as this.
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    Mapopolis seemed to work well for me on the 700w - including voice prompts.
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    I have been using Iguidance for over 2 years now. I have never experienced that. I wonder if it has to do with the low memory of the 700w?
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    It's happening with a just hard reset of 700W, with MSFP ROM update. Nothing else installed except for iGuidance (to device memory, and map on SanDisk Ultimate II SD card).
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    I know, but the 700w when booted fresh after loading the OS, predefined utilities, etc... only has on average around 10-18 mb of available memory. When most other WM devices in it's class will have anywhere from 20-30 mb of free memory. This may be the reason for some of the delays you are experiencing on the 700w.

    Again, I am only guessing.
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    Are you running a lot of other screen weather modules, that kind of thing? Push email? (for which Activesync would stay on)

    Because I installed iGuidance v3.0 on my 700w a few days ago and am not experiencing any of the problems you are having, the voice prompts work just fine, they could be just a tad faster but I'm talking about an almost completely inperceptable delay, nothing even aproaching a 1/4 second, a delay I would not even have noticed to comment on without having read comments here.

    I have the radio on in normal standby, ie. the phone is waiting for calls and EVDO is not connected unless I open a browser. Note I don't use any today plug-ins (hate the screen clutter, and I'm in California, so the weather never changes) and the only app always active is SmallMenu.

    I switched from TomTom, which is like molasses and used to take 30 seconds or more to simply load, iGuidance takes about 2 seconds to start, the TomTom team could learn a thing or two. The Navteq maps are more accurate as well, for one thing TomTom doesn't give exit names, only numbers. Here in California the exits technically *have* official exit numbers, but they don't use them on signs! All the signs post exit name (ie. Brand Blvd North or Hwy 134 East), so when TomTom lists an upcoming exit as Exit 17, it's completely useless here, especially if two exits are close together. iGuidance uses the exit names. Far better.
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