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    Hi there -- just wanted to let you know that MobiTV has just launched for Windows Mobile 5 devices, including the Treo 700w. You can find more information here:

    We decided to skip the beta period this time, but we're very interested in your feedback! The app looks great and shows off our second-generation interface, with a cable-style channel guide and live guide data, among other things.

    Please try it out and let us know what you think! E-mail with questions and comments, and check our support website (linked from the page above) if you have technical issues. Thanks, and I'll be watching the boards (here and elsewhere) to make sure we can quickly answer your questions. Cheers --
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    There is no trial period (you pay to try)?

    Handango has a good refund policy but I'm just checking.
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    For the moment, no, there's no trial from Handango's vending machine. If you're able to get the installer from somewhere else, there is a one day free trial available (i.e. someone beams or e-mails it to you and you didn't see Handango's site at all). The duration may change for special promotions or other reasons in the future. I know it's a little wonky, but as you say, Handango does have a good refund policy
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    Why not just get a slingbox?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkincaid
    Why not just get a slingbox?

    Pretty much!

    Sprint - Treo 650, 700wx, 800w, Touch Pro
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    I just bought it (I'm never home so I don't have cable) unfortunately while putting my account info the first time I use the program, my 'account cannot be validated' lovely.. just great.. emailed mobitv and handango.. just great...
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    Can someone give me the Readers Digest version answer as to what exactly this is and how it works?? Do you really get twenty some channels for $9.99 a month? Is it the real TV channels?? Do you need EVDO to have this? Please explain!! This looks really cool!
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    I think I'll stick with my slingbox mobile
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    I say slingbox all the way.... just because you get all the cable channels that you have at home. I was not excitied about their channel line up.

    Just my 2 cents...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobitv
    For the moment, no, there's no trial from Handango's vending machine. If you're able to get the installer from somewhere else, there is a one day free trial available (i.e. someone beams or e-mails it to you and you didn't see Handango's site at all).
    OK. Cool.

    I use slingplayer also but I can see how some people would like this.
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    I have a question. Is using a service like MobiTV or Slingplayer going to get me flagged from Verizon for "abuse" and get my account cancelled? I know I saw some posts from people that got cancelled for tethering via PDANet because, according to Verizon, streaming video and audio is a violation of the Terms of Service.
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    mobitv works well on the 700w but man I wish it had more channels, maybe I'll ditch it after a month
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    Hi -- sorry about those funky validation issues, that should all be taken care of now, turns out our server farm was scheduled to move to Sacramento yesterday morning and nobody told me

    Thanks to those of you who've tried it, and please do let me know if you have any technical issues or suggestions for how to make it work better. But also, let's talk about the Slingbox! The average Sling user:

    -Has cable/cable modem at home
    -Is ok with one-at-a-time access (you can only broadcast to one client per Slingbox, so if you and the wife both want to watch the news, you're out of luck unless you buy another one)
    -Comfortable with adminstering a home network/router and punching the appropriate holes
    -Has excellent eyes and a taste for pain (we have a Slingbox at work, and have you tried driving your TiVo from a PocketPC? It's awesome, but it's really hard to read and way harder to navigate than, say, our channel guide)
    -Has a PocketPC (still no Palm or other phone support, and from what I hear, it's a ways away)
    -Doesn't mind pushing their luck with their wireless carrier (as noted, this kind of use violates your unlimited data contract, and while you may be ok, heavy users will be noticed)
    -Loves the POWER of everything the Slingbox can do

    And that's the thing, it is super powerful. I don't have a Slingbox, but I want one, I'd probably get one if I wasn't already watching TV all day for a living. But MobiTV has a much nicer interface if you want current news, music videos, weather, etc. So I would probably find a use for both, depending on what I was interested in watching. Of course I don't want to pay twice for my content, and all I can say there is that Big Content is moving at a glacial pace towards bundling deals that will eliminate double payments.

    If a Slingbox works for you, I encourage you to get one, it's forcing all the content people to move faster with their own plans to provide sensible pricing and good mobile content. But MobiTV really does get you a lot of what you want on a lot more devices with a better interface and a lot less hassle, and you'd have to use us for 2 years to even equal the cost of a Slingbox, which probably has a Moore's Law shelflife of about that long anyway. It's definitely about how you plan to use it.

    Also, I should clarify what I said about wireless data plans; MobiTV technically also runs afoul of those data plans, but we work with the carriers and share revenue with them, so they tend not to go after us. Sling definitely can't say the same.
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    Since the OP furthered the Slingbox discussion....

    I agree with everything you mentioned but you failed to mention that you can also use your Slingbox on a laptop or desktop so the one time cost of $200 or so, you can also have a bigger screen anywhere using wifi or your phone data plan -- on the deck, by the pool, office, coffee shop, auto repair, hotel. It is terrific at the hotel because PPV cost much less on your own cable plan and most hotels don't carry all of your favorite premium stations.

    Also, many homes have multiple cable boxes so Slingbox can be placed on the box that is more for private use. Even if you only have one box, it is cool to be on the road and watching the exact same thing as your man at home. Let him fast-forward through those commercials! You can also keep tabs on what the kids are watching!

    I agree with you regarding the wireless data plans. If MobiTV is in bed with the carriers, they have a big advantage because video streaming uses a lot of data. If a person watches a lot of TV using their phone's data plan, they might want to look at an alternative to Slingbox. (Personally, I watch less than 4 hours/week on my phone.)

    MobiTV sounds like a good product and would probably be terrific once all of the basic cable channels are available.
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    I think the service is great for what I use it for , mostly news and weather while I am at lunch or want to get a quick fix of MSNBC.

    I do have a question, is there any third party program that will allow the sound from the Treo to come through on my bluetooth headset?

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    do a search for a2dp
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    Slingbox on your laptop is very cool, no question. We also have a broadband TV product, but it's not generally available yet (currently it's being distributed via ATT WiFi). So you're right, they've got the lead there, and we're playing catchup. And what I was saying about the one-client limitation was more that only one person is able to watch remotely, not that it eats your one cable box. Two MobiTV subscriptions would be $20/mo, instead of $500 plus for two Slingboxes, and you could turn the second sub on only when you needed it. Also, basic cable channels are coming in bit by bit, but we are working on the major networks and local content as well, as you can imagine. Doing things "legally" (not saying Sling is illegal, but nobody really knows, and there's a LOT of money tied up in the question) really slows down the process.

    As for the Bluetooth thing, if you mean the 700w, I'm not sure, actually, since I don't carry one and haven't tried a BT headset with it yet. My 700p doesn't do it, but that's a Palm OS problem. I'll try to look into it and get back to you...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorne Steiner
    I do have a question, is there any third party program that will allow the sound from the Treo to come through on my bluetooth headset?
    There currently isn't any 3rd party program. I'm trying to get JETware to do this for the 700w, but the only current solution is to use a bluetooth dongle. If you want audio to go to your phone bt headset (not stereo) you can use the Jabra A210 dongle which plugs into your treo's headset jack. If you want stereo you would need an a2dp dongle and a2dp capable headphones.
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    24 hours of mobitv, I'm very satisfied with the product / service, its easy to use just like your tvguide. It would be a nice feature to be able to select a future tv show and have mobitv turn on and jump to that channel or if your watching some other channel have it jump over. The lack of content currently available bothers me. If mobi had the big guys 4, 5, 7 and FOX then I would be very happy with the service and recommend to all.
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    I'd want those and USA, TNT, A&E, SciFi, Lifetime, & CourtTV to start and one premium channel of choice.
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