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    Hello. I just purchased an A-Data 4gb 150x SD card to replace my A-Data 2gb. The new 4gb when inserted is not recognized (when I go to file explorer, there is no Storage Card). Do I have a bad card or is there anyway to troubleshoot before I return it. A-Data 2gb had no problems recognizing from the beginning. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Did your format or re-format the card?
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    The problem is the card once inserted is not even recognized. I put the card in my laptop and it could not recognize it either. Any clue? Possible bad card? TIA.
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    Sounds to me like a bad card. I've had the same card for a few months with no issues.
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    I think I'm going to return it. With the A-Data 4gb 150x, do you have to format the card before using it with the 700W or it should be already formated and ready to go (a'la my A-Data 2gb SD Card).
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    My a-data 4GB worked right out of the box with my treo 700w. Occasionally my desktop PC has a problem recognizing it, but my treo has never had one.
    Daniel Levin
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    Ditto here. Send it back and get a new one!
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    Yep, just got mine last night after having my 1GB pop out somewhere in Arizona (Dang the luck) My guess, bad card.
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    Thanks guys.....1.5 to 2 weeks before I get the new one (ship mine back before they will send the replacement). I guess that's the problem of purchasing online.
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    I finally got the replacement today (2 weeks) and glad to report the new card is working great!

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