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    Just a quick word of warning, somehow my data calls (#777) are being charged to my phone minutes.

    Verizon tells me that they have not seen this issue before, but they will be working on it.

    Since the EVDO connection does not seem to ever disconnect on my Treo, it has added about 3500 minutes to my regular usage over the course of 8 days. At $.20/minute, this was going to be tough to explain on my expense account.

    I am hoping this will have a happy ending, but wanted to alert the group.
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    Thanks for the heads up I'm going to check my bill right now.
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    YES....I had this very problem. The first Verizon rep I called told me that my voice minutes ARE reduced by the time spent connected to the internet even with the unlimited data plan. What an *****...these phones are connected all the time. I called back to get a different rep and they sorted it out after 35 minutes. Then my next month's bill had residual errors that took another 25 minutes to fix with another Verizon rep. They definitely have bugs in their billing system, so watch your bill closely.

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