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    A friend of mine just recieved his program and GPS reciever, his does not have any lag on the speach either.
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    Before purchasing Iguidance with Itrek M5 (same as Iblue) I asked Semsons about the delay, they stated its only when connected to EVDO and Inav Corp was working on a patch. I installed software today and tried it out. I had some delays, about 1 sec with EVDO on. Turned it off, no delays.
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    What versions of the Treo 700W do you have? With MSFP update or before (1.02)?

    I suspect that version 1.02 experience just a slight delay in voice prompts. I have the MSFP update, and experience an even longer delay.

    Semson's tech support is not very knowledge-able, they were telling me that I needed to turn off GPRS (not realizing that Verizon does not have GPRS, and that turning off EVDO means turning off the phone radio).

    To be fair, the cost of a Treo 700W puts it in reach to only the high income customers, so I doubt very much that Semson's tech people have the device to experience the issue. While folks on this board has been "helpful", I doubt they have the income to purchase the 700W either, and thus they're making "helpful" guesses on what the cause is (it works on my machine, maybe it's your low memory, or low speed CPU, etc.).

    Neither it appears that iNav has done proper testing with the device with MSFP ROM update, given the voice delays that would have been in the main usage scenario. I don't know if I should say they shipped a defective product, but they sure are not showing any signs of making a good faith recall, patch or otherwise. It's funny that Semson (the reseller) is the only party to mention anything about a patch, I find that highly dubious (well of course, they want to sell off their stock of defective products).

    It has now been almost a month since I've made my purchase, and I've yet to see a patch from INav. I've used one other GPS software prior to iGuidance, and that one didn't have a delay issue.

    For now, I'd recommend staying away from iGuidance until iNav issues a working patch.
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    I have the SFP update as I stated in my previous post my only delay was when EVDO was active. Turning off EVDO doesnt include turning off the phone radio, phone still works. I guess I will not be able to surf the internet, check mail, stream video while Im driving listening to MP3's and voice promts from the GPS.
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    Ah, so, you don't have a Treo 700W either as there is no way to turn off EVDO without turning off the phone radio on the 700W.

    Nice try.
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    What a jerk you must be. Oh but your in the high income bracket so you must know it all. Most all of the time my EVDO is off, not connected, phone is on.
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    Ok Ok, I have a legitimate question. Does anyone know how to get waypoints (aka stops) to function correctly on iGuidance V3 so that you can make your own routes? I can choose quicker roads than the GPS, but want to use the gps to tell me when I'm close to the road(s).

    When I put in the start point and destination point, it routes me between those two points, but not the route I want (even switching) and adding stops doesn't seem to change the route to go to those stops.

    And I don't have a voice delay on it, but I also use XCPUScalar and when I have gps on I'm also using a car charger which sets my processor to 512 mhz.
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    Sorry about that, I'm really tired of people posting random silly stuff.

    Since you know more about me on turning EVDO off and keeping the phone on. How do you do that?

    I set mail sync as they arrive, thus disconnecting EVDO is not an option. Neither is doing stylus gymnastics to turn off EVDO by disconfiguring the EVDO connection (Settings -> Connections).
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