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    I just picked up a Tomtom Go 910 and was trying to get it working with my Treo 700w.

    The speaker phone and hands free calling works no issues.

    I can not transfer my phonebook...I guess it is because of of OBEX being disabled.

    What I am really trying to get working is the the traffic updates.

    It uses a cellphone DUN via bluetooth. At first it told me it was not available. Then I installed PDAnet and enabled bluetooth and the Tomtom Go picked up that I could DUN but it did not list my phone so I had to try to enter the setting manual.

    It asks for access point, user name, password, number to dial and login script.

    I only entered and vzw for password. It keeps failing.

    Any ideas???? or any way to change the bluetooth settings to allow DUN without PDAnet and maybe OBEX??

    Any help would be great.
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    I have a tomtom go 300, I would love to know if anyone has got the traffic updates to work. I've tried many times, and just can't get it working.
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    Didja try #777 as the number to dial for data access?
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    yes I tried #777 just kept getting failed
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    yes I tried #777 just kept getting failed.

    I also tried picking a windows mobile phone similar to the treo 700w and it failed.
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    To dial using the PDAnet DUN, most apps want a username and password, but you can just put anything. Maybe the "@" is confusing it though. I have used the DUN as a "bluetooth modem" with windows and mac and it works great.
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    I called TomTom and they said it was not supported and that any phone that supports DUN in the bluetooth profile list will work.

    So PDAnet does not add DUN to the looks like it just patches it to work with a laptop.
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    Did you ever get this to work? I'm in the same exact situation you are right now. I have a TomTom 910 and a Treo 700w w/ Verizon, trying to enable bluetooth DUN support for Plus services. I've installed pdanet but no matter what settings i use i can't make it work.

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