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    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet but thought it might prove useful for the 700w.

    "Auto Reset 1.0.0 for Pocket PC released"
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    Another feature where WM is playing catch-up with POS with blatant copying! \/s has had this feature for ages, and only now WM is joining the party!!!

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    The free backup program, Sprite backup, automatically performs a soft reset prior to each backup. I have a daily backup running at 6am each day.
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    when the Treo is locked with a password, will Sprite do auto backups in the background?
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    Paul - not on my device so that is why I manually run backups each day.
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    Thanks...when I do my manual backups, it seems to wait for my password, and won't continue without. Wondered if it would bypass this when auto was selected.

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