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    I removed egress using the remove programs function and it said it cannot completely remove and leaves the icon in the menu but no program. How can i completely rid myself of the little brat
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    What I do when this happens is use SKTools to see what the remove is suppose to be doing. Then just do manually what it failed to remove.

    1) reinstall the app
    2) In SKTools open the Uninstall Programs selection then scroll down to the app and in the lower half of the screen you will see what the uninstall program is suppose to do.
    3) Go to Start->Setting and Use Remove Programs to try to remove the app again.
    4) If it says it didn't remove everything then go through the steps manually using a registry editor and file explorer.

    If all you want to do is remove the icon for the program then use file explorer to delete the program link in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs
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    i was giong to sugessted the same thing

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