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    Is there any option or program to make it so that when you reach that 160 character mark with text messages, you can continue the message ending up with multiple messages, and send them all at the same time? This seems to be a feature on cheaper phones, and it gets quite irritating to have to split the messages. I have looked for options on the phone, and didn't see anything that stood out, just wasn't sure if there were any other suggestions. I just found myself to be texting extremely long messages lately, and that would help heh.

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    bump, id love to know this...but i believe verizon will be switching this soon
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    can someone try this test? I thought I saw it work, but never replicated it again. basically, type > 160 characters in pocket word, copy and paste the whole text into a new text message, and see if it splits it into 2? I thought that I got it to work once, but then couldn't again. I was wondering if it was a pre/post upgrade thing.

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    it looked like it was gonna take but it didnt work....i typed up 320 in word, copied, pasted into a text to myself and when i added it instead of saying 0/160 it said 161/320 (second messege) it sent and only recieved one....i looked in my sent folder and it says messege 2 was not delivered......there has got to be a way to minipulate the system to send more text

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