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    I loved my 700w, but walked into the verizon store and started playing with the 6700 and really wanted to get one to try out, but I wasn't paying full retail price. I just purchased one on ebay with a few extras for $350 and was luckily enough to receive it the day the 6700 rom update came out. I planned to give the 6700 a fair shot in being the replacement for my treo700w. The things I love about the 6700 are the following:

    Larger keyboard and the sliding mechinism
    Larger screen
    Over 30MB of free program memory, I can have over ten apps running with no slowdowns.
    Phone quality after doing the following edit I found on howard forums. (it seems that verizon tries to save bandwidth by compressing your audio to a evrc setting, but this changes it back to 13K. Wow what a difference.

    First dial ##778
    Tap on "Edit"
    Enter Unlock Code 000000
    Tap on arrow to upper left hand of screen to reveal drop down menu where it says "Display"
    Select "CDMA Settings"
    Click and hold on the "EVRC Enabled" line under the Settings column
    Select "Edit"
    Switch to "Disabled"
    Then press "ok"
    Click and hold on the "Home Page" line under the Settings column
    Select "Edit"
    Switch to "Voice 13k"
    Repeat for "Home Orig" and "Roam Orig"

    WIFI included in the phone, for those times when you have no evdo access. The new update allows you to keep the phone on and wifi going at the same time.
    The new comm manager (included in the new update), allows you to controll all wireless features.

    These are just a few of the things I love about the 6700. I was really worried about the reception and audio quality but the update and previously stated edit seemed to solve this solution. My 6700's audio is now louder and clearer than my treo. My treo 700w will be up on ebay very shortly.

    The only negative is the battery has less storage, so it runs out a bit quicker than the 700w.
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    well, have fun. i had the 6700 for 5 months, and it was hell. I had BSOD's, miserable battery life, slow response when answering calls, name it i had it.

    yes, i lost a bigger screen, wifi, and memory but atleast when someone calls me on my 700w, i can answer the call. The 6700 has potential, its just not ready for prime time.

    the 6700 is slick when you first get it but just wait until the stylus gets loose and starts falling out and the screen gets loose from sliding it in and out.

    dialing a call is harder too. you can't type the first part of a persons name like the treo, you have to scroll through your contacts list or flip the device around to type, waiting for it to switch into landscape mode. good luck driving.

    good luck with the battery too. i used to take my phone off the charger from the night at 7AM and by 6PM the battery was dead. Plus the stupid customizations would warn me every 10 seconds that i was at 25%, 20%, 15%, and 10%. so annoying!. with my treo i could get an extended battery that fit inside the normal case of the phone for $46 and it lasts from 7AM to 12-1AM. Thats more like it.

    I use my phone heavily, but its much better to know if I want to watch TV on my slingbox or go online, i don't have to worry constantly about battery.

    as someone who went through 5 6700's through verizon, i will tell you the grass is not always greener on the other side.
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    I like the capabilities of the 6700 but still prefer the form factor of the treo. Sliding the keyboard out gets old...Im betting you'll use more grafitti with the stylist :-)
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    Hopefully I don't have the problems you have just mentioned. Luckily I've only used the 6700 since the last rom update (phone and radio updates). I try to set up my phone so I do not need to really use the keyboard unless I'm typing an email (which I like the larger keyboard on the 6700). Luckily the update came with cyberon voice activated dialing, so I really do not need to use the keypad.
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    yeah, i got the treo with the rom update 3+ months before the 6700 finally came out, but good luck..

    the additions palm added to make it work one handed are really amazing. they change my opinion of WM5, which i thought sucked on the 6700....also i should say, when i first got my 6700 i through for the 1st month it was the nicest phone ever. had 5 people go out and get them. the 6700 just didn't last and preform where the 700w has

    if you want a pda go with the 6700 if you care about it being a cell phone, get a 700w
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    I had my fill of lock ups on the Treo 650. So, after accidentally dropping the unit, I decided to spend the money and upgrade to the 6700 rather than pull the trigger in the insurance. After three days of poor reception, and what I considered a poor phone interface, I traded "up" and got the 700w.

    So far no issues to speak of. If you are looking for a handheld computer that happens to be a phone, the 6700 is a good choice. If you want a phone that just happens to be a computer, I find the 700w to be a better choice.

    The 6700 is an abysmal choice for one handed operation. If you like. and primarily intend to use the touch screen, by all means, the 6700 is a better choice.
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    Oh that battery... I hope it's improved for you- I stopped using my 6700 about 3 months ago. I had the same issues as mkjellman plus I found the volume (earpiece and ringer) to be too low. Plus the mini sd card pops out way too easily and the battery cover falls off if you look at the phone wrong- tape em over if you don't want to lose the card and cover. My phone had to be [soft] rebooted a couple times a day at least and I'm not what you call a power user- just some email and regular phone use. Hopefully the newer models are better than the one I have.
    This is my first rant re. the 6700... felt pretty good
    I've had the 700w for all of two days now and it seems very good.
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    Well good luck. Believe the users who mentioned tape over the SD slot but heck I do that on every device. I find a piece of those cheap screen protectors works best. The battery life is horrible. The extra capacity 1900 battery is huge!!! The joystick is cheap junk and its hard to use. You'll have to slide the KB out so often you'll feel like your going break it off. And good luck seeing that KB in low light. But:
    1) The bigger KB is extremely comfortable to type on.
    2) The WM5 update made the 6700 a easy to use phone.
    3) They are rock solid devices. I put mine threw heck customizing the ROM, trying out tons of betaware and freeware. DL'ing, deleting and re-DL'ing the same programs numerous time just trying stuff out. And all I ever had in 8 months is 1 reset.

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    I loved the 6700 for a few months. Then I lost it, used my wife's Treo until I got a replacement. I didn't realize how much I was missing! I bought a 650 on ebay, and never looked back.
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