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    I think it would be truely stupid if Sprint didn't release a better version of the 700w. They've had 6 months to figure out what the issues are with it. They should either release an improved version or don't release it at all imo.
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    Well for one thing at least, it would be easy enough to release it with more memory which would help greatly...
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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart
    Who cares if Verizon cries foul play...i think Sprint sits back and makes better descisions in marketing and its stratigies.
    I agree I just hate to wait
    We have been waiting soo long for them to do something with Nextel
    My company can't work without it but they all what internet access and push email and all they do is ask everyweek when is there going to be a duel phone and push email...
    its KILLING ME...
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    I hope Sprint trumps VZW with a 700w with more memory. That will only cause VZW to get off its hindparts and offer something that competes.

    Heck, I may pay the ETF and dump VZW for a better 700w.
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    Check this out !!!
    its looks like it will be awhile before we see the new phone and it will not have anything to right home about ???
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    Is it just me? I the body of the page you linked to is blank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gibby
    Check this out !!!
    its looks like it will be awhile before we see the new phone and it will not have anything to right home about ???
    Set your sites on ALP...
    at&t iPhone3G
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    PCS Intel Quarterly Report - Sprint Q3 2006 (Updated) PDF | Print | E-mail
    Written by Christopher Price
    Tuesday, 04 July 2006
    Article Index
    PCS Intel Quarterly Report - Sprint Q3 2006 (Updated)

    Palm. The Treo 700w is it on the pipeline for Sprint this year from Palm. Palm plans to float on vested interests in the CDMA market until 2007, making the Sprint version of the Treo 700w very late, and equally underwhelming. Don’t blame Sprint, ask Palm.

    Okay, we’ll give a bit more than that. Palm is now partners with HTC, and has learned from their lead in CDMA development. The next Treo for Sprint/Verizon will be EV-DO Rev A touting, and will carry not one, but two cameras for video conferencing. Not only logical, but a new hope for CDMA smart devices on the bleak Windows Mobile state of today. With HTC developing their own devices in concert with ODM assistance to Palm, clearly 2007 will usher in a much wider selection of CDMA Windows Mobile.

    RIM. The BlackBerry 8703 will deliver the 8700 series to Sprint early next year. RIM is also working with Motorola on a dual-network BlackBerry, though development is in working test phases, and is not as certain as the 8703.

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    Sprint has confirmed with me twice that they have documentation that it will be realeased at the end of July 06. Just call 611 on a sprint phone and ask.
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    What about GSM? Is Palm still coming out with new Treos for GSM?
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    July 15, 2007....and still no Sprint 700W.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burger510
    July 15, 2007....and still no Sprint 700W.
    Sprint wants to release a product that is going to be good, unlike Verizon.
    at&t iPhone3G
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    That's interesting... I spoke with a Sprint customer support guy the other night, and he said that Sprint decided to skip the 700w, and the next treo on sprint will be 750... I guess we'll just have to wait and see...
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    i hope sprint come out wit the improved 700w because good from the VZW 700w to sprint 700p was just going backwards. The palm os is like apple os back in the 80s you need over 20 apps for that device to do what the 700w does stock. I cant believe they have people that still think the palm os is better than windows. I only reason i leave the 700w is because my verizon bill was 124 a month. I would never get dropped calls and my IE speeds were 728k on the 700w.Not I am getting 128k with crappy blazer.The guys in the 700p froums where talking about how fast the 700p going to be before it was released and how crappy the 700w was. Now they see how slow blazer is and now they are saying they didnt buy the 700p for internet.This is BS!! I hate my 700p. I hope the sprint gets the 700w with extra ram or not because I might even end up getting a ppc6700.
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