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    I am VERY frustrated with the new push feature.

    I have it set to push "as items arrive" and sometimes it works like a charm and i get my mail within 10 seconds of it hitting the server.

    At other times, it might take hours to get an e-mail. I also notice that it snycs when there are NO changes, which seems odd as well. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason (time of day, etc).

    Finally, it does not always immediately snyc when i send a message. It seems that about 20% of the time, my outgoing mail sits until I manually snyc.

    It would almost be better if it did not work at all, as I never know if it is up to date or if there is mail on the server that I have not seen.

    I obviously have the downloaded the update and I also played around with the new beta version of Activesnyc, all to no avail.

    Anyone else have any of these issues?
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    Are you using a service to host your exchange server?
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    Nope, going direct.

    I even pulled up the mobility screen on the exchange server and everything seems to be fine (everything checked).

    Worst case scenario is i simply start manually snycing every now and then to verify.

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