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    How do I remove the programs that are already installed on the Treo 700w.

    Pocket MSN
    Quick Tour
    Wireless Sync
    and maybe terminal services client ( note sure if I need it)

    I don't need any of these and I want to free up memory on thes device to install programs that I really need.
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    Hmm, I think those are in the rom so they are not using up any user accessible storage.
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    I want to reduce what is used in the program memory. With no thre party apps installed I only have 10.80 mb of program memory free after a soft reset. If I install 5 3rd party apps that drops to 5.30 mb after a soft reset. Even if I install those apps to a card, the program memory drops to 7+ mb. I haven't even installed Skype yet, which I am told is unable to install on a card, so my program memory will take a big hit them.
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    unless your apps are installing large plugins that start automatically at boot they shouldn't be using program memory. Uninstalling Games, Calculator, Notes, etc are not going to increase your program memory.

    I would suggest killing any apps that you aren't using and running Oxios Hybernate, or SKTools FreeMemory app. Disable Voice Command if you don't use it. Turn off any Today screen plugins if you don't use them.

    About the best you will get is 12 to 13mb of free program memory.
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    I do use voice command so I only have that and poutlook running at startup. How would I turn off any Today screen plugins or any other plugins that are loading at boot up?
    Thanks for you help.
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    To disable Today plugins just go to Start->Settings and in the Personal tab there is a Today icon. Click it and select the Items tab. Uncheck anything you don't want to load on the Today screen.

    So if you use Voice Command you should have a little over 9mb free program memory after a soft reboot. If you then run Oxios Hybernate it should get you up to 10.75mb.
    Once you start an EVDO connection your memory will then drop between 8 and 9mb.

    Use a task manager such as Magic Button to close apps when you hit ok instead of just minimizing them. If you see your memory dropping and you need more then run Oxios Hybernate again.
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    Thanks for the info. I have done all of these things and I now have 11.40 mb in memory. One question for you about Oxios. I installed and it doesn't show up as a program in the programs tab, but if I go to uninstall programs, it shows it as a program to uninstall. So where do I find the program so I can run it when the memory gets low?

    Thanks for you help

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