and now I'm back.

What's the devil you ask? This thing called the O2 Atom.

I bought one thinking the phone might be a nice change. However, TWICE in 4 months it has broken down on me, requiring a trip to the repair center. This is not to mention how hard it is to use this damn POS.

Seriously people, stick to your Treos, and never buy an O2, and don't buy another PDA phone that just basically dumps the OS on to some hardware without doing anything to make it usable. Every little thing I want to do I gotta take out the stupid stylus. Can you imagine one day, walking outside under the bright sun, and having to take out the stylus, only to tap on some really small blocks they've labelled as "letters"? You can't even see the screen properly and you have to stand still and look like a total nerd too?

The Treo, on the other hand, was so well made that I almost never needed to take out the stylus. The keyboard, the intuitive button controls that scroll through common commands you are likely to use, etc...

The O2? HA! Half the time I can't even use the buttons they've placed on the phone. The thrumb pad? What a joke. Completely useless. Doesn't do a thing. It's like the thing wasn't even there. I mean, isn't it obvious that when an application is open, pushing the thumbpad down should iterate through the various buttons/menus in that screen? Treo's got this down pat. Seems the O2 people just said, oh who cares? Just dump the OS on to this crappy PDA phone wannabe and we'll leave it at that.

The next phone will be a Treo 700. O2 can DIE in hell. Everyone who's involved in making that awful piece of TRASH.