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    I don't know what they are technically called, but my quesition concerns those little icons that appear on the top of the start menu, where you can quick start a program. They usually appear based upon recent usage of a program, and change accordingly.

    ActiveSynch and a soft reset program used to appear up there when I used them often; now, they don't appear there at all, despite usage. Other stuff that I use does appear, so I know that the function itself seems to be working.

    Any thoughts?

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    I think its just that, recetnly used programs like on your desktop XP.
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    Yes they are the most recently used programs that are NOT one of the 7 programs listed below those icons.
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    thanks- so that explains why ActiveSync doesn't appear, since it is one of the 7. However, the little soft reset program isn't one of the 7, and it fails to appear, despite heavy usage. What's interesting is that, when it was first installed, it did appear there (in the icons on top) and then stopped doing so. I don't remember if it stopped after the upgrade or had appeared post upgrade and then stopped.



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