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    I can setup my POP3 as a push using wireless sync though Verizon or goodlink , or I can use standard POP3 but really which is better ?
    I just received a replacement phone which does not have the update and I do not currently plan on putting the update in to prevent the "always on" issue from draining my battery . However I would like to hear from the forum on a best practice for email .
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    I prefer POP. Most users on this forum prefer push email due to the fact that you receive emails instantly. My gripe with this is just that. I owned a Tmobile Sidekick with direct push and lots of people had my email address, so like every 30 seconds I was receiving an email from someone somewhere. Its cool at first, but after while it becomes exceptionally annoying.
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    I guess it depends on how many emails you get (and some Imap/chatter solutions allow you to filter which emails get sent to your phone. :-)
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