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    I found this nifty little app that extends the handsfree bt profile in many ways. One interesting feature is that it can activate voice command when you hit the voice dial sequence from your headset. I've tried it and it actually works!

    Now don't get too excited. It doesn't route system sounds through your headset and it doesn't route your voice from your headset to VC, but it is one step closer to getting voice dial working on the 700w. heh, if you talk loud enough the voice dialing will work the way it is.

    You can get the app at

    Maybe we can get these guys to get the mic and sounds to work with the Treo.

    Note that I have modified bt stack. I haven't had the time yet to see if this works without the mods. Post if it works for you!
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    What mods have you done?
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    I have the tornado a2dp mod and the Cyberon voice dialer mod.

    You can read about each in the following threads.
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    I uninstalled Cyberon Speed Dialer and it had no negative effect on the bt activated voice command. It still works.
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    Let us know when you discover a way to get a true headset profile on our 700Ws. I would like to have system sounds in my ear rather than on the phone.
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    I sent an email to the developers at jetware. No response yet.

    Heh, I tested voice dialing today with my Treo keylocked enclosed in a case in my pocket while I was driving to work this morning. I hit the button on my bt headset, the treo woke up and VC beeped (could barely hear it with all the noise in the car and through my pocket) then I spoke loudly "call time and temperature". I could faintly hear VC say "call time and temperature?". I said loudly "correct!".
    ring ring. the time is ....

    Amazing how sensitive the treo mic is.
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    I got a response from JETware:


    Thank you very much for the feedback. We will investigate the problems you
    report with the Treo 700w.

    We will let you know when we are able to provide improved support for the

    Jim Thatcher
    JETware Mobile Software"

    Their email address is
    If you think having true bluetooth voice command dialing is worth paying for then tell them. The Microsoft stack seems to be extensible as shown by JETware's handsfree product so this may very well be possible.

    Note that if you have a car kit or built in car bt you should check out JETware's product since it allows transfer of contacts, caller id and status indicators among other cool features.
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    Hi all,

    I like to leave my 700w as 'factory stock' as possible, with the exception of the ROM update and Adobe reader. Unfortunately, with the ROM update, my employer now enforces usage of the security pack PIN codes, so in essence I never get a chance to use voice command without first using the keypad anyway (the activation button is locked out). 2 questions:

    - does the JETware add-on allow activation of the Voice Command even if the button on the phone device itself is locked out by the PIN code? That would be cool!

    - does the JETware add-on work to allow BT voice command activation without loading the other 2 mods mentioned, i.e. Tornado and Cyberon?

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    I'm not familiar with the "security pack pin code" feature. How do you activate it?

    I tried setting the lock pin in settings and VC still activates fine via the headset. Although the side button also still activates VC with the pin set and locked.

    You don't need the tornado or cyberon add ons. I have uninstalled cyberon and it still works. The tornado add on only affects the a2dp profile.

    Edit: when the device "turns off" the side button doesn't activate VC, but the bt headset does!
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    This is actually pretty amazing. The one thing to keep in mind (at least with my HBH-660) is that when you push the button, it creates a connection (like if there was a call) so you need to push again to "disconnect" before issuing another command (or taking your headset off and killing the battery).

    Additionally, there's definitely advanced options in the program which are below the screen (and the scroll doesn't work on my version). Can anybody else get to them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by swigger101
    Additionally, there's definitely advanced options in the program which are below the screen (and the scroll doesn't work on my version). Can anybody else get to them?
    No. I've reported this bug to JETware.

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