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    I have a pop3 account, and I am trying out the 15 day trial from the For some reason, my pop3 server doesn't allow forwarding, so i am left with no option but to have pull my pop3 and sync with my Treo. But the problem is it seems like 4smartphone is not pulling from my pop3 account. I try sending an email from my hotmail to my pop3 mail, and when i log onto my webmail for pop3, i see the mail in the inbox, but it doesn't get pushed to my Treo.

    And another funny thing is when i send an email from my treo to my pop3 mail, then it gets synced right away..

    Any clue???
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    I am using 4smartphone with my gmail acct, there are some messages that for some reason sometimes don't make it, they are usually spam and they get fed right back to my gmail inbox, I have it setup that if I get a message fed back to just delete it cause it isn't anything I worry about. I do have a lot better luck with 4smartphone over another competitor that offers free exchange, the price was right but I got maybe 2 out of every 5 emails, important or not, I just didn't get some, now if I could just get 4smartphone to check my aol account I would be golden!
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    You know how there are 3 options in
    1. forwarding.
    2. MX
    3. They pull your POP3.
    I have no choice but to use option 3 becuase my pop3 doesn't have forwarding feature.. I don't know why my company uses such a crappy @$$ pop3 server..

    i mean if i was getting at lease 1 or 2 messages, i would be more than content, but NOTHING's being pushed into Treo. I tried sending 10+ emails from all different email addresses, and nothing gets pushed to the Treo. However, when I log onto the Webmail for my pop3, all the mails are there, but it just doesn't get pushed.

    Also, there's no problem sending emails. All the composed emails from Treos arrive in their respective email addresses in less than 10 secs.
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    Contact their tech support. They will help you out.

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