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    hello i've been using IM+ for a while and decided to try Agile
    Messenger just to compare.

    Can anyone explain why a separate window opens
    after I initiate a chat with someone? In other words,
    I open a window, say "hello," and when the person
    replies, their reply does not appear in the window -
    I have to go back to the contacts screen and
    open a separate window for the reply. Then I close
    the initial window and begin a normal chat in the reply window.
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    bump.. come on, no one uses this application ?
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    Mine shows in tabs not windows.. Have you contacted them? They are very good at answering.
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    mine also shows in tabs
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    tabs/windows - same thing. my point is that when i open a chat with someone, and say hello, their reply does not appear in the same tab. i have to go back to the contact list where there is a notification of a reply. i have to click on that to open the reply, and then begin chatting there. my original tab where i initiated the chat is now useless, so i close it.

    shouldn't the person's reply appear in the same tab where i started the conversation ??
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    yes it should. maybe when the program was installed it got corrupted in some way or maybe you downloaded the wrong version? When people reply to my instant messages, there message DOES appear in the same window. I definitely think you should contact their support to pursue fixing the issue
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    this happens to me as well. I think it has to do with the chat program that they are using and the interaction between Agile Messenger and that program. I chat agile messenger to agile messenger(AOL) without a problem, but there's folks that I chat with that are using some proprietary chat programs that their company utilizes and I have the problems you describe w/ those people.
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    I've not had any problems with the proggie as of yet. I just installed the new beat they have available but, not been able to test it a lot yet. Let you know.

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