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    After installing a debugging version of an application with an error in it I encountered three pretty severe problems.

    First I no longer could see the windows folder. Changing to view hidden folders allowed me get access to the windows folder and remove the offending problem/portion of the software.

    Second, all of the folders and items on my sandisk ultra 2gb card disappeared except for a single email attachment folder. I have everything set to view hidden folders but I still can't see them. I know they are there because under the settings/memory/storage card tab it still shows all the space they were occupying.

    Third, my storage memory encountered some type of severe problem and over the course of two days the storage memory trickled down to 0.00 at which point I had to hard reset.

    The hard reset solved the third problem, but the second problem remains. The task manager still shows the space that's used after the hard reset but I can't explore to see the files through the treo or desktop.

    so...if there's a way to recover the files that would be my first choice. If not, how do I reformat the card to get access to that space again?
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    So this seems to be a common problem with sd cards. Your directory info has been corrupted. A quick google search found this solution to recover your files.

    "One way how you can try to recover important data from a corrupted sd card is by putting it in a sd card reader and running "CHKDSK /F <sd drive letter:>" in Windows console."

    Apparently this will recover your files but it won't fix your folders. Better than nothing I guess.
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    Thanks. A weird thing happened. When I copied the files back onto the storage card the originals reappeared.

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