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    again, my battery only lasts as long as it does as i'm both using Goodlink and receiving/sending hundreds and hundreds of emails a day. the difference between the Q and my old Treo 700w is that the Q lasts much longer than my Treo did. actually, much longer.
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    My Q lasts longer than the 700W did too, using VZWSync.
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    Verizon wants to sell the Q to ordinary consumers, but its costly smartphone service plans stand in the way of the Q sweeping America. You get 450 minutes for $79 per month, 1,350 minutes for $109, and 4,000 minutes for $169, with unlimited data and in-network calling during nights and weekends. Unlimited Q data can also be a $40 add-on to an existing family plan, so, for instance, a 700-minute, two-line plan with a Q and a voice phone would cost $110 per month. At Sprint, the equivalent of Verizon's $109 plan costs only $75, and Verizon's $110 family plan would cost a mere $85. Verizon needs to bring its monthly fees down if it wants the Q to be the success it could be.

    The Q's major competitors are from Palm—the Treo 700w and the newer Treo 700p. The 700w is more expensive than the Q and has little to recommend it. The 700p comes with Microsoft Office document editors (not just viewers), has a higher-res screen, runs on both Verizon and Sprint, and is both faster and less buggy than the Q. On the other hand, it costs $200 more and is considerably chubbier. So while the 700p retains the Editors' Choice crown, the Q is an excellent machine and a terrific choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    i agree with everything they say. but having been a user of most all, the Q competes more directly with Blackberry.
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    Well, I owned the q for a month, the i730 for 3 months, the 6700 for a few months, and the 700w for a month. I keep changing between them, but now I have sold the Q and re-purchased the 700w. The i730 and 6700 are sitting in boxes in my office lol. (They both have FOR SALE signs on them also )

    Why the 700w? Well, I hated the SPOS (HATED is an understatement). I toook the time to learn all of the one-handed tricks of the smartphone, but still the SPOS is very limited compared to the PPCOS. I never used a blackberry, but I would assume the SPOS is more feature-rich then the BB, but I can't say for sure.

    Touchscreen or not, I think the 700 is MUCH more one-handed friendly than ANY other windows smartphone/pda I've used. I like the phone integration, the one button task manager, etc. I prefer the office aps, I like to have the ability to store apps on my storage card (I like to email myself apps I download at work, then save them and run the CABs). I think the Interent browsing is quicker on the 700, although I didnt find the Q to be SLOW, per say. Battery life on the Q was considerably better, but I've only re-owned the 700w for a day now so I haven't tested the post-update battery life. But one thing I did notice was the RAM hasn't been an issue yet. I've used media player, slinbox, etc. and it seems when I close the apps now, I get most (if not all) of them RAM back. But this is short-term testing, we'll see how I feel in a few days.
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    Wouldn't that be cool if you could swap back and forth with girlfriends? Well I was getting Britney Spears for awhile, then I had a fling with Sarah Michelle Gellar, then I was in this Star Wars phase and switched to Natalie Portman, then I was having Jennifer Lover Hewitt before I decided to just go back to Sarah Michelle Gellar.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    I've played with the Q and yes, the OS and the lack of the touchscreen was a deal breaker for me. I religiously use Lygea's HP 12C SE program and play the various Astraware games on it, both programs requiring the use of the stylus. If Palm beefed up the Treo's memory (the even thinner iPod Nano can carry 4GB), the CPU (at least 415MHz without using XCPUScalar), and resolution (480x480), that would be ultimate. Now if they can make it as thin as the Q ... whoa ...
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    One more vote for the 700w. I tried the Q for three a replacement because I thought the dismal battery life had to be a one-off thing, but the second Q was just about as bad. The screen on the Q is awesome. But...even though the Q has more memory and I was able to leave more programs multitasking at once, actual usage was much, much more sluggish than the 700w. And that keyboard, while bigger, is awful! And lack of touchscreen was a dealbreaker. I think if you've never had a Treo before you may not miss the touchscreen (all my colleagues with blackberries deal fine with a scrollwheel) but I don't think I could ever go back. It saves so much time being able to tap on links and such on the screen with my finger. Also having had a Treo 650 on Cingular I agree that that implementation has terrible call quality but I found that was as much a function of Cingular as of the 650. The 700w on Verizon has been an exceptional phone.
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    I have had BB 7250, BB 7130, eXV6700, 700W and Q...

    First. the ANY of the Blackberry devices can absolutely be run with ONE HAND. Nuf said.

    If I wasnt a Blackberry BES admin .... I would think the BB is the best device.. unfortunately I get to deal with RIM !!!!!! And I'm not impressed.. nor the amount of maintenance and issues with SRP, Enterprise Activation, RIM Gateway provisioning !


    That leaves the MS OS devices..

    IMO this Q (holding it in my hand right now....) is almost USELESS. Sorry.. but he phone cracks and breaks up and drops calls.. etc... the Smart Phone OS is.. IMO .. POOR at best.. esp compared to Blackberry...

    The XV6700 is just TOO buggy... too many failures.. too many replacements .. TOO much hassle sliding that keyboard out !

    So that leaves the 700W... IMO the BEST device I have used to date. Now th e folks that have updated to AKU 2.0 that are having battery problems are BLAMING incorrectly !!! The battery issues with AKU 2.0 are DIRECTLY related to the server configurations.. but that has all been discussed here if you care to search...

    The primary problems are related to SSL session timeouts on both servers and firewalls. I updated my 700w and literally doubled my battery life.. (of course I also admin the servers too.. so I KNOW they are setup correctly ) I went from needing to charge once a day.. to literally lasting 3 days without a charge (granted I have the device set to use flight mode at night). These battery issues will follow ANY of the AKU 2.0 devices FWIW.

    I will say.. more memory would not hurt the 700w at all.. but I am not running applications on mine much.. its not a deal breaker...

    Anyway.. I've had this Q for 3 days.. and I'm already done... I'll be sending it back tomorrow.. and back to a 700w..

    Good luck all.. with which ever you choose !
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    I have been a Treo user for quite some time - currently using the 700w... Played around with the Q and while it's a very nice phone it is definitely limited in functionality. Bottom line is Q is a Phone First, PDA Second... Treo 700w is a PDA First, Phone Second. The limits on the Q make it a deal breaker for me... so one more vote for the 700w from me.
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    I'm definitely loving my Q, my 700w is sitting on my desk at home. For my uses I haven't found anything that I can't do on my Q that I can do on my treo700w. Besides that the form factor is so much better on the Q, you can't feel it in your pocket and it is so much lighter. The last deciding factor for me is the phone has better reception. At my new house, my treo can hardly complete a call while my Q has no problem and it is one of the best sounding phones I have had. Also the Q seems to be more stable in running the smartphone versions of the same apps that I run on my Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WayCool
    granted I have the device set to use flight mode at night
    Were you able to schedule this automatically? Can this be done on a 700w that is pulling email from pop and active syncing everything else via desktop?
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