View Poll Results: Do you use a task manager on the Treo 700w?

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    15 51.72%
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    8 27.59%
  • I would if it had more memory

    8 27.59%
  • I would not even with more memory

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    First, Thank you Tim Hillebrand for a nice overview of many task manager programs. Well written.

    But, I just wanted to ask if anybody uses really a Task Manager on the 700w?

    I used to be a BIGGGGG Time fan of Wisbar Advance 2 and Wisbar Desktop. But with memory resources so low, I can't spare the room.

    Plus it seems now with the ROM update, I can't multitask at all. If I get below 5-6 mb, (which happens after opening one program, plus Active Sync always running) programs start shutting down automatically.

    If I had 15-25 mb of free ram, I'd load WA2 and WAD back on with at least 3 Virtual Desktop Pages and 3-5 Today plugins and have it tricked out the way my OLD iPAQ is. But alas, I can't. I'm not 700w bashing, I love it and I wouldn't change it, but just a few more MB's is all I need. (Please PPCTechs come on.)

    Feel free to add which managers you are using.
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    Nice review.

    I wondered why Wisbar Advanced 2 was reviewed but not Wisbar Lite. The latter is most appropriate for the memory constrained Treo 700w but wasn't mentioned. Also GSPocketMagic Plus is worthy of a nod even though it is free.

    I've also registered WA2, Pocket Plus and the 3 "Handys" (menu/launcher/switcher). I've pretty much settled on Wisbar Lite.
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    I too want SOOO much to use WisBar Lite for 2 reasons;
    Cascading Start Menu
    Task Management

    But I can't force myself to use it yet, since
    1. my memory is so low, and
    2. more importantly, I LOVE being able to hit "Start" > "I" to open Internet Explorer or "C" for calendar, etc. With Wisbar Lite, it's "Start" > "scroll scroll scroll" > "select" too much of a pain.
    3. and lastly, I don't like the plain white background, I'd much rather have my desktop picture.
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    Have you put in your request for #2? I asked for it but I didn't read any posts from anyone else wanting it.
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    I use Wisbar Advanced and have become spoiled. I have gone back to basics many times but can't function without my Wisbar menu and other enhancements. I still get about 12k with Wisbar Advanced and other resident stuff running (with Sprite doing a soft reset during my 3am scheduled daily backups freeing my memory up while I sleep).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    Have you put in your request for #2? I asked for it but I didn't read any posts from anyone else wanting it.
    I have and Chris said he'd look into it. Chris is amazing, and he does a great job at trying to fulfill everybody's requests, but I feel he wants to keep Lite as light as possible without adding too much to it.
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    I use Magic Button and haven't had any issues. Not as snazzy as some of the others but gets the basics done.

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    Again, I'm kinda still floored with people wanting task management. For me, there is pretty much no multi-tasking, it either reading email and maybe making appointments, or browsing the net, once PIE is open, everything else shuts down.

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