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    I'm wondering if anyone is noticing that their 700w gets worse the longer you have it. By worse, I mean: 1) long delays in pressing keys and actually getting a response from the phone; 2) Quickly losing any free memory available; 3) Numerous PIE crashes, even after soft resets ---> As a result of these factors and more, just the need to do more and more soft resets to "clear everything out?"

    I did the update when it first came out and have been regretting it ever since. I have MemMaid and Resco Explorer installed on the phone, and regularly clean out temp files, etc to maintain performance.
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    I think so and find this to be true with most phones I've used (except the Kyocera 7135). However, a hard reset (after a Sprite backup and followed by a Sprite restore) helps things significantly.
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    I have noticed this as well. I have recently gone down the reburb route. That made things worse. I am on my 2nd refurb phone. The first one was actually horrible. The keyboard light was very dim, as well as the screen...even with uping the power consumption.

    My experience now with all of these PPCphones has been that after 6 or so months they start to degrade. It is very frustrating given the amount you pay for these devices.
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    I have the same problem BUT I fixed it. I kept snoozing on some appointments and they built up to be so many my phone would just ring and ring and ring like crazy. The phone can't manage I want to say more than 12 that have been postponed, the phone comes to a halt alot.. I have nothing installed on the phone and voice command and bluetooth disabled.. I love the phone but the I know people that have the xv6700 and have zero problems after they got aku2
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    Don't get me started on aku2. while i like the memory improvements, it has been less stable for me now. I wish I could go back to previous version...but even the refurbs are coming with new OS update.
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    This is my 3rd 700w and it was working great after I did the upgrade
    and "Then" installed my apps. But lately I've noticed my memory is dropping
    down to 7mg from were it had held at around the 10-11 range. Also a lot
    of other little strange things, like trying to answer the phone and the menue
    pops up instead.
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    I just turned 40 and the 700 did seem to work better when I was thirty-nine. ; )
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    I haFor me the best solution remains maintaining my regular backups (every moning at 3am with Sprite) and when the system become unbearable I do a hard reset and restore to an earlier state. As with my home PC, biting the bullet and doing a clean install of all my apps (making sure I have the data files I need) always gives a nice boast and seems to be an emotionally liberating experience It is amazing how many of those "can't live without" applications I can really do fine without, freeing up more of my system resources.

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    Mine has been pretty consistent since I've had it. The only worse it has gotten are some small scratches and dings.
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    mine has been a little less stable since the update, but what mostly drives me crazy are days when the phone itself doesn't work properly. I believe those days are more related to the service and towers than the phone itself, as my meager v60 also had similar issues sometimes. we have repeaters in our buildings, since outside signal doesn't get through well, and we have tons of wireless going on.
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    I have just noticed the phone being slow to respond after pressing a key (the windows key). I am not sure if my phone has the update but man this is killing me!
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    the windows key for me is also a press does nothing...2 presses and bam! now its always 2 presses....and my biggest problem is that i cant send mms andymore and voice command doesnt work.....ontop of the darn thing taking like 10 seconds to wake up from being powered off
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    While I notice less free available memory, it still seems to be "behaving". Haven't noticed any additional performance hits.

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    I think I have been lucky. Since I did a hard reset before doing the update I haven't had any issues since. That was the only hard reset I ever did and that was for an obvious reason. I only get soft resets once every 1-2 weeks. I haven't experienced the memory crawl I used to get before the update. I think a big reason for this success is the fact that I didn't load problem apps back on my device after the update. I gave up on having a launcher or today plug-in/replacement. Those things don't add a lot of value to me but they do pull the system way down. The 700w is an excellent device out of the box but you have to be careful what you feed it. Garbage in = garbage out. As for hardware deterioration that is to be expected. All this is coming from a guy who owns a P also and is about to return it.
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    I have been noticing some slowing in my 700w. So I did a backup and hard reset, and then restore, and now it works great again I guess we just need to start clean every so often. Other than that its a great phone.
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    It's windows.....does ya windows desktop performance change over time ?

    I have my new laptop a week now and it's about 5% slower already using 3D mark
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    It's windows.....does ya windows desktop performance change over time ?
    It dang well better not. If it does, I get in there and figger out what's going on and FIX IT! I don't tolerate that stuff.
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    How do I do a Hard reset?
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    Back up your data before doing a hard reset!

    Hold the Red End button while using your stylus to push the reset button next to the battery. Then you will see a prompt in red on the screen to push the up directional button to clear all data. Push up.
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    Awesome! Thank you!!!
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