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    Maybe I didn't set this thing properly or maybe it's not possible:

    I check two e-mail accounts on my Treo using office Lotus based account and my personal AOL (IMAP) account. WS usually delivers the mail flawlessly. Occasional delays with AOL, but no biggie.

    My issue is, whatever e-mail I happen to be replying to, it is sent from my Lotus based account at work. Obviouslly, when they reboot all the machines over the weekend, I lose my ability to send e-mail (unless I go in and log back on).

    So my question is, is there any way to reply using my Lotus account when checking work e-mails and my AOL account when checking those e-mails? Some people I don't care if they know my work address, but for other things I do, it just looks unprofessional.
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    I have had the same problem. And I have spoken with no less than 5 Verizon tech support people PLUS 2 tech support supervisors...their answer is always the same..."Using WirelessSync, you can only reply to an e-mail using your "default" e-mail account". They say that is true NO MATTER TO WHICH OF YOUR E-MAILL ACCOUNTS THAT MESSAGE WAS SENT TO. So, you are stuck (if using WirelessSync) with not being able to select which of your e-mail addresses you use to reply to an incoming message...That sucks, which is why I do not use WirelessSYnch. Good luck with your problem! :-)

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