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    I've been using Wireless Sync for a while now and can't for the life of me figure out how often it syncs. I realize this may be a stupid question since it's "push" technology, but the last time my Outlook email was sync'd today was this morning. I forced a sync this evening and got it to do its thing. Is there a way to tell it how often to sync?

    Here's another example. If I add a new appt in Outlook it sometimes take hours for it to sync to my 700w. Not exactly immediately "push" to me.
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    I have mine set to push and most of the time i get the email in my inbox and treo at the same time. I have experienced isolated incidents where I'll send an email and it doesn't hit the receipent for hours. Only happened a couple of times though.
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    For the most part, WS has been pretty good to me. We are on the Lotus platform at work so I have the 'watcher' installed on my office PC. Typically, it takes about 45 seconds between when I get notification on my desktop and when it hits my Treo. In some cases, it's hit my Treo before it has updated to my desktop and my desktop is set to refresh every min. Everyonce in a while I'll come in and the desktop WS icon has the blinking it's not pushing or recieving mail. Sometimes a reboot of the PC fixes it and other times, it fixes itself.

    Typically where I experience delays is with IMAP email. AOL is usually pretty responsive but lately, I've gone 2 or 3 days without any e-mail showing up only to get 30 coming in the next morning from the previous days. Wierd.

    But all in all it does the job. Do I hate having to use the desktop application? Yes! Will I ever get a BlackBerry? Only when the company dubs me important enough.
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    Well, for whatever reason it appears as though my WS only syncs my Outlook email once per day. Not exactly sure why. My PC is always on, always online, and Outlook is always running, so is WS on my PC and my PDA. I don't get it.
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    Is the once a day between 3-4 a.m.? if so you have likely a firewall issue. contact verizon and they will walk you thru it.

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