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    Does anybody out there (especially those of a technical background) know why the G4850T ( for the 700P wouldn't work with the 700W (obviously with a WM5 software package rather than PalmOS)? I've tried going to Seidio to answer this question, but I have had a horrible experience going back and forth on whether this product will be made available for out W.

    From my understanding, the connector is the same, so unless there's some reason as to why it won't connect to the GPS unit (seemingly strange), I am baffled as to why it wouldn't work.
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    I don't see any technical reason for it NOT to, as long as you have compatible SW, unless it exploits some proprietary POS-only logical interface.
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    I agree w/ Skipster. Its probably that TomTom is telling them that their SW doesn't work with the 700w (it does, I have it, there's workarounds to use) so Seidio is taking the safe route.

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