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    I am coming over off a Treo650 that I used SplashMoney on. LOVE that program, but it is not available for the 700w. Aside from M$ Money and SPB Finance, what else is out there? I downloaded the trial of SBP Finance and I hate it. Splash Money was so much easier and ncer.
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    Pocket Quicken

    Requires that you have and interfaces with Pocket Quicken on your Desktop. I selected it over MSMoney over 4 years ago. Comes in both a PocketPC and PalmOS versions.
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    Here's a few

    I'm shocked you don't like SPB Finance. I used SplashMoney on palm for 4 years and loved it but was very pleasently suprized when I found SPB Finance after switching to PPC. SPBs separate quick entry tool has an exellent GUI for effortless 1 handed use. With SplashMoney you have to hit the 5way in 3 different directions 10 different times to enter a transaction.

    But I know what you mean about missing SplashMoney. I have yet to find a finance program on windows mobile that will allow me to sync my ppc OTA (over the air) with the bank. That is where SplashMoney kicks but. No need for the desktop. If you occasionally forget to enter transactions and your on the go its no sweat, you tap sync and all your accounts are up to date. This may be the deciding factor on what device I carry. I presently have the PPC 6700 and 700p.

    To all readers, is there any way to do this on a PPC???

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