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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    Hello all...this is my first post on this forum. I'm very frustrated about my Treo 700W....I walked away from a Dell Axim PDA taht was working beautifully for me, and finally took the leap into the world of smartphones about 5 months ago, hoping that I would reduce the devices hanging on me by (1)...and have new additional productivity...and have been horribly disappointed for many reasons...and it's actually reduced my productivity because I don't like how the Task List works and the old Franklin Covey Plan Plus task list software that I've come to love is not yet compatible with Windows Mobile 5.

    SO, the first two weeks I had the phone I spent at least (not exaggerating) 15-20 hours on the phone with Verizon and Treo tech support people, trying to iron out simple things like Active-Syncing the device. It's never been smooth, and still problematic. I have to shut off my windows firewall to do it (that was their big solution). ActiveSync only works some of the time, and I often have to try it several times including resetting the hand-held to make it finally sync- and it's slow going at best when it finally does.

    Aside from that I've had other performance problems which include:
    -Often locks up/gets confused and won't allow anything to be done...have to reset
    -Freezes and no buttons work...can't accept a call...have to reset, wait for it to wake up, and call back whoever tried to call me
    -Call waiting function does not display second person who is calling in, or displays duplicate of first person I was speaking to....when I'm on the phone with the second person, phone is indicating that I'm talking to first person instead.
    -Difficulty hanging up on second person call after call-waiting conversation...often hangs up on both parties and I have to call the first on back

    I'm guessing that part of the problem is that the device has so many programs working at the same time, but it's complicated to shut down the background programs....and I've heard that there is a shortcut I can download and install to make it easy to shut those down...but haven't gotten around to it.

    Basically, it seems that the processor is just too puny to run this thing, and it's really slow.

    I am grateful for any insight from anyone on whether I should just finally ditch this thing and go back to a PDA and a cool phone, or if there is hope in making it work better and if so how??

    Thanks yall....have a good day.

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    simple solution to closing your applications. Press and hold OK button for about 2-3 seconds and you will get to the task managers. simply press stop all, and reclaim memories.
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    Lock-ups happen with both the Palm OS and Windows Mobile versions of the Treo, but it's starting to look like the Windows versions have more varried causes of this. With the Palm version an instability problem can almost always be traced back to an aftermarket app that is incompatible or just doesn't play nice with other apps. The causes for the w model Treos are harder to track down. I know several 700w owners that are going to the 700p model because they can't stand the freezes and lost data connections, inability to sync, etc. I don't know if they're heading for the same problems with the 700p, but they're willing to give it a shot.
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    I don't seem to be having any of these issues. but the only things I am running is my exchange server and skmenu. I've been pretty good about keeping my registry clean (with spacereclaimer). the last time I've had to soft reset was when I ran a backup. otherwise, my 700w has been a champion.
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    edit: except for the call-waiting not hanging up... but I don't get call waiting that much so I don't really care all that much.
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    I just got my 700w. I then updated the rom. I really haven't had any problems with the phone. aftermarket programs are the usual suspects. I don't run any on mine. active sync by default runs as a rndis network connection. if your firewall doesn't understand how to work with that then switch to usb activesync.
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    I got my 700W in February. I use to have frequent freeze-ups and had to do a soft reset a couple of times a day. Active-Sync did NOT work. I updated and these problems went away.

    I have found that it is best not to run more than a couple of apps simultaneously. As far as third-party apps, I use
    Pocket Informant (PIM)
    Sprite Backup (I run daily, which performs 2 soft resets)
    Magic Button (handles programs)
    Adobe Reader (PDF viewer)
    RIC flights (flights from/to Richmond VA)
    Smoresoft Sudoku
    Championship Cribbage (by Dreamquest)

    I do NOT utilize push email. I use web browser for email.

    I rarely have any problems now.


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