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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    1. If you open programs, they will run and use memory until you close them. Otherwise, they just sit there either in ROM, (if builtin), in Storage (if installed on the device), or on the Storage Card (if installed there).

    2. On Treos, programs eat up Storage (not main memory) if not installed on a storage card.
    On Treos, at least on the 650, storage is "main memory". When you look at how much memory you have, it's reporting how much memory space you have to store programs in thre NVFS partition. Programs can exist in three places:

    1. ROM
    2. SD Card
    3. NVFS memory

    When my Treo reports free memory, it's listing how much NVFS I have left. My understanding was that the 700w worked the same way but I have never spent the time investigating what if any differences in memory format might exist.

    See here:

    and here for more an in depth discussion with other references
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    On Treos, at least on the 650, storage is "main memory".
    Yes, you are right. I should have specified that I was referring to the 700w. Since it uses WM5, it handles memory differently than it would have with WM2003. WM2003 handled memory similar to NVFS memory in that you had a big pot of memory to store apps and run programs. There was a slider which allowed you to adjust the amount of main memory to be used for installed programs and memory required for programs during execution.

    WM5 device memory consists of program memory and storage (for installed apps).

    This explains it pretty well:
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    So it seems that they both the p's and the w's start out with about 32 MB or real RAM with which to share ROm, drivers and application usage.

    Programs" in the Memory management application refers to available SDRAM. The Treo 700w supports 32MB of SDRAM of which a portion SDRAM is protected to support core device peripherals and functionality like capturing a 1.3MP image. This is true for all Windows Mobile products.

    The remaining SDRAM, displayed as Total Program memory (25MB), is used to meet the run time needs of the system (drivers and in ROM applications) as well as third party applications.
    TReo 650 RAM (volatile storage)

    Uncompressed ROM 3

    Dynamic RAM
    (approx. 5.3MB)

    (remainder of space)
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