I trying hard to make the switch to the new platform with this 700w. I like a lot of the differences but struggling with others.

One issue is the ringer -v- vibrator. I want my phone to boot with the volumn on loud everytime. I am having a problem with the ringer staying on. I get vibrations, think it's an email getting pushed only to find out later it was a missed call. Then I want my email to vibrate when pushed and not vibrate when the phone is syncing. It seems like it doesn't push very quickly and when it does get pushed to my phone, it doesn't vibrate. Then it will vibrate only to find out no calls or unread messages. The notification settings are set to vibrate ONLY when I receive a call, miss a call, get an email or text message. So, I'm still a bit confussed by the signals and annoyed when I miss a call thinking it was only an email.

Can there be a program that keeps the phone volumn set a specified level so it doesn't get inadvertently lowered?

I'm sure this is pretty elementary but not to this 700 newbie.