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    I downloaded and installed Opera to my 700w to try it out. It didn't render a particular web page that I use very well so I want to remove Opera from my Treo.

    The shortcut to Opera is on the Treo, but Opera doesn't show up in the list of programs to uninstall. I can't figure out how to uninstall the program.

    I really want to get this program off of my Treo, but I don't want to hose up the Treo in the process.

    Can anyone help me get Opera removed??

    Thanks in advance!!
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    I use a registry editor to search out the unwanted files associated with the app, you can also try MemMaid to clean out the garbage. Last of all I created a backup of my standard config which does not include apps I want to test and if I don't like them I restore to my last good point.
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    If you try to install it again it will offer to uninstall the previous version. After it does this, and when it asks you where to install just cancel.


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