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    I apologize if there is already a thread for this, I have searched several times.

    The VM Alert is on for my Verizon 700W. I have deleted all messages, and yet it remains. I have turned the Alert OFF, but it remains.

    I have soft reset, several times. Any way other than a hard reset to fix this problem?
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    Two things. Make sure that when you disconnect from your voicemail using the * key, you don't use the red end call button at all - just let the call disconnect by itself.

    If that doesn't get rid of it, call CS and have them reset your voicemail. You'll lose any voicemails you have saved but it should take care of the problem.
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    I had this once so I just called my cell from a landline and left a message to myself. Then I waited a bit, dialed up voicemail from my phone, listened to and deleted the dummy message then all was well.
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    The other thing to try which CS pointed me to, was to call up your VM and turn it off, then wait and turn it back on.
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    That worked thanks. 3 calls to CS could not come up with that answer.
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    LOL, I was dealing with that for the longest. Went through all of those steps, CS tore down and resetup my mailbox...still had the icon. Had to do a hard-reset. But after the reset, the icon wouldn't come back even when I did have a VMS. Had to then go in and turn the indicator off and then back on and that cleared up the second issue.

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