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    First of all, let me say that I do really like the 700w. Of all the PDA/Smartphones, this seems to be the best at being a PDA.


    I am having a terribe time with reception here in Phoenix. I have had my Treo for about a week now, have exchanged it once already and am about to replace it again today. I searched posts here and on other forums - everyone raves about the phone quality and reception, but I cannot make a call at my house, around my house, or at my work. And I'm not in a rural area. Verizon says the towers in both areas are very strong. My V710 worked perfect - never dropped a call. I lost 5 calls trying to get Verizon Customer Service.

    Anyone else had issues like this? Again, I really like this phone and want to keep it. But if I can't use it as a phone, then it's no good to me.
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    I have similar issues in Chicago....i'm in the city - not downtown, but in the actual city - and only get 0-2 bars..usually it's good enough to make and receive calls long as i don't move around too much.
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    Yeah, if I stand in one place in my house and don't move - it's okay. But even if I sneeze.....forget it - call is gone!!
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    I was just at the Phoenix airport on Monday morning.... pegged.. EVDO .. worked great with my Treo...

    Dunno..... Bummer your having problems... Mine is about on par with my 7250 Blackberry.... (reception that is...) fwiw
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    No issues in Phx here either...

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