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    Palm & Verizon
    I think a great deal of us would be happy just for the phone to do what it says it does . I don't need it to wash my car or feed my dog , I expect those tools from the 3rd party developers . I do however want it to :

    * last more than 18hrs on a battery
    * check my email at the intervals or schedule I enter
    * have enough memory to actually multi-task

    These are the things that I purchased the phone for and are features that are advertised by Verizon and Palm as being available , however at this time these features are not available ( since the "upgrade") Feels like a bait and switch to me . Could they simply admit they have a problem , that fix is in process ?
    I work in the automotive industry and we can't make a perfect product either , however when a problem is identified we are called on the carpet by our customer and have to explain what went wrong , why it went wrong . how we are going to fix it , when we are going to fix it , and how we will prevent it from occuring on future products .

    Palm and Verizon , there are numerous posts about battery drain and its relationship to connection and email checking , when are you going to respond with an acknowledgement and a proposed fix date ? We are your customer and we want ANSWERS !

    ( this post will be posted at PALM on the user forum as well )
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    It would be nice if someone from Palm or Verizon would check in every now and again to say they feel our pain and are looking into solving the issues. I wonder if they even know about these forums. The forums on the palm site have so little traffic. I typically just email my suggestions to verizon and they end up forwarding them to palm (so they say).

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