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    Greeting everyone i had may dataplan turn off and i was just wondering if any know if there is a software that will hide unwanted application
    Thanks in advances
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    Obfuscate will do the trick.
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    I just put stuff I don't ever use in the "Unfiled" category.
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    Unfiled category? Where is that on the 700w?
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    Duh.....tagged by the "using new posts list, didn't realize in wrong section again" disease again

    Now I have anudder reason to prefer the p version....ya really gotta get 3rd party software to not see stuff ?
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    Not really, you just create a create a folder under Programs and store what you don't want to see there.
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    And when ya cycle thru the screens w/ the menu button does WM5 skip this new screen ? . The Palm version can cycle thru them all day and the prpograms on the "unfiled" screen never appear unless you access it thru the menus.

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