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    is there a consensus of the best GPS software and BT receiver for the 700w?

    Is GPS the tipping point of an app that isnt as useful on the phone because its "one too many" things to ask a phone to do?

    What happens if the phone rings when you are navigating.

    ps i did a search and there was a ton of info to sift and nothing specific.
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    Acutally, if you do the sifting, I think you'd find all of your answers.

    As for as what's the 'best', it's subjective and up to the individual. Software wise, I'm a TomTom guy. It's just easier on the eyes for me and fairly intuitive in terms of rerouting. I had used Iguidance and one other nav app on a different device but didn't find them user friendly. I am interested in retrying Iguidance with the Treo 700. Hardware wise...again, subjective. I've used BT GPS units by both Socket and Pharos and haven't had any major issues with either. There are some newer units on the market now. GPSpassion is a good resource for GPS specific information.

    What I've found is if a call comes in while navigating, TomTom is put in the background and the call notification window is brought fore. You can then answer the call and manually switch back to TomTom while still on your call. TomTom will recognize you're on a call and mute the voice instructions. When the call is over, TomTom is again put in the background and the Call End notification window and today screen are again brought fore. I don't know if it works the same way with other apps on the Treo.
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    Big Calhoun....I agree with all your points. Just to add that iGuidance will do the same thing with a call.

    So see a long discussion about GPS and the Treo, check this thread out:

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