So I've had the 700w for a few months and recently when placing calls the status of the call will just say dialing... Usually I enter the number hit the green phone button the phone app comes up and just above the phone icon is says "dialing" then says "Active" and a timer starts. Recently all it says is "dialing", the only way to clear this so I can place calls is to do a soft reset.

I have been playing with a lot of different apps lately and I'm wondering if there is a conflict somewhere, mostly trials of popular apps. I havenít done a backup hard reset then restore yet to see if it clears the issue. I just wanted to check here first and see if anyone has seen this before.

Also whatís the deal with 3 way calling/conference... If I put a call on hold how the hell do I get the other call back? When I tap the call with the stylus it does nothing, also if I end the call with the red phone button both calls drop.