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    Does anyone know of a calculator that will work on the 700w that has a Financial calculator on it to calculate loan payments?

    Thank you for your help.
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    The PalmOS calculator that comes with the 650 and I assume the 700P has multiple modes and one is financial. Does the 700W calculator have multiple modes? (On the 650, once the calculator display is up -- you press the right jog button to scroll thru the various modes.)

    Drat. I looked up calculator in the Verizon User Manual (pg. 77)(on line under support on the Palm Web Site) and it appears it is not multi-mode. The page "suggested" for more advanced calculations -- that you use Excel Mobile on page 142.

    Did find this though:

    Cheers, Perry.

    (Try out Beryl's free template idea below.)
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    For loan payments, I use a pocket excel spreadsheet. There are lots of free templates on the web. I also have Lygea Pocket 12C SE which is pretty full-featured and supports the square screen.
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    Here are a bunch of freeware calculators for Pocket PC including a few loan and mortgage calculators. One might fit the bill...


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