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    I upgraded from the 650 to the 700w. I lived and died with my Diddlebug ap. I could simply handwrite a to do note and click on an alarm time to remind me of my to do.

    I see the Note program that I can handwrite a note on and the To Do program that lets me put a reminder on but they are not in the same program. Can someone tell me if there is anything like what I have grown so dependant on???

    If one of the Windows programs won't work I'll gladly buy a 3rd party ap if there is one that will work with the 700w!

    Please someone help this deperate soul. Thanks for your help.
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    Google "apMemo Pocket PC" . It is free and though not as good as Diddlebug or Bugme!, it is decent.
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    Thank! Man you gotta LOVE Treo Central.

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