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    Hi everyone! I just swapped out my motorola q for a 700w and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I am not new to WM5, but I am new to Palm's hardware such as the sync cable. As you all know, the sync cable has a button on it. Can anyone tell me what that button does. I assumed it activated the hotsync but when I plugged it in the computer, the system automatically synced it.

    The first thing I did when I got home was update my treo with the new v1.10 (provided via a disk in the box). In the first minute the system was doing its "thing" and then instructed me to plug in the power cable (in the slot on the sync cable). Then it proceeded. Is it supposed to do this? Did I "mess" up the update because I was curious and was pressing the button on the sync cable AND I did not have the power cable plugged in the slot on the sync cable?

    Thanks in advance for those who may help me clarify this.
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    Never fear. The button on the sync cable is meaningless in the WM5 world!

    It is a vestige of the Palm heritage, and the fact that the same cable can be used for a 650 or 700p.

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