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    I am a new user, and maybe I will regret it, but I am happy to have my 700w. I am a long time PDA user, and wanted a Treo to replace my Palm TX and LG 8100 phone.

    I have to say, I can't take Palm anymore due to lots of crashes on my TX and that preschool font. I have had Palm III, IIIx, IIIc, HP 1945, Axim X51, then a Palm TX, so I have paid my dues to comment I think. The memory has always been an issue with Pocket PC 2002, 2003, and now WM5. No news to me here. But after using the Palm TX most recently, I have to say, while there are some awesome features, the two OSs are just different - it depends on what you value. My decision to go back to MS was the Palm OS v. 5.4.9 (same on the TX/700p) is very (as?) unstable as any WM5 device, and given that, I like some of the unique features of WM5. And what is all this talk about not being able to use more than one application on a 700w? You can't run 2 things at once on a Palm either, though there is no confusing it manages memory better.

    Treo 700w (and my past MS devices to an extent):

    -Better text input with stylus than Palm OS (I have years of experience with text input with a stylus, and I think MS products recognize it better...It was noticeable from the first word again on the 700w.)
    -Suggestive words when typing/writing (I used to have a 3rd party program years ago for this on a IIIc, but haven't found it for the TX. A serious omition for the Palm OS).
    These things above sell it for me over any Palm device. I make numerous notes and comments in my sales job and this is key for me for speed of entry
    -Look (I love the look of the user interface)

    -Memory. No arguement there.
    -IE sucks on a small screen
    -Some will cite poor resolution, and ok, but coming from a 320x480 Palm to a 240x240 WM5, well, its still pretty good. Buy a photo album or a PSP if you want pics or games ;-).

    I guarantee the money is in the business world, not the casual user, hence these are not an issue for most business users. If you need a PIM and an phone, this phone is fine.

    Palm OS5 (in my experience on a TX - same version (5.4.9) as a 700p):

    -Blazer browser. The best out there. BUT NOTE to all who slam IE's performance with memory and large pages: Blazer stops loading a page at about 1.1 mb, same as IE in my experience. Blazer makes most all pages fit the screen.
    -Good for the newb. Simple.

    -When I look at a WM5 device I feel the Palm font is written in crayons by preschoolers. Can we please get a more crisp, smaller, and non bold font? (no flames either - the small font is TOO small). WM5 w/ Cleartype has it down here for me.
    -Buggy. I had many more crashes (many hard resets (!!!)) on Palm OS5 than earlier Palms, and more than other Windows devices. I had two of them also thinking one sucked.

    But there is the difference/new factor as well. I will try a Palm device in the future I am sure. I may find the grass is not greener as you can see, I jump around on the devices I use. As I am on my PDA for an hour a day, its just nice to change it up too after all the time on the Palm OS. Perhaps after this 700w, I will decide the next Palm is the cat's a$$ too. Just my .02!
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    Pretty much agree. My first palm was the pilot and I had a handful ending with the Tungsten V which crashed every day and never worked or synched properly for me from day 1. WM5 is great and the phone and OS has its flaws, a few of which are serious, but overall I love the Treo700w and wouldn't go back to a Palm OS device if it was free.
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    I will have to join you and toot the wm5 horn. I have an imate Jasjar and I don't miss the old Palm/Treo one bit.
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    This is just another example of people having different experiences...some will tell you that the 700w is garbage and the 700p is much better, and some with tell you the exact opposite.

    Personally, I don't think your comparison of the T|X as a measure of the 700p's performace is proper... If you want to compare the 700p to the 700w, use a 700p, not a T|X. Just because they have the same OS doesn't mean everything will be the same (kinda like how other WM devices run WM5, but most do it better than the 700w). You say you had a bunch of resets, but who says that isn't because of third party apps? Now if it was crashing and you didn't have much on there, then I could understand your complaints.

    And listing text input with a stylus as a pro sounds ridiculous to me, when one of the best features of the Treo is it's built in keyboard. Why would you use the on-screen keyboard when you could just use the Treo's keyboard?

    I do agree that the WM5 OS just looks better than the POS (i used to prefer WM5 just for this reason alone), Palm seriously needs to bring a new look to it's OS.

    Maybe the font on the T|X was too small because you're on a higher res screen?

    With that being said, I would have preferred the 700w over a Palm based device if it had more memory and a higher res screen. When people complain about not being able to run more than one app at a time on the 700w, saying that the 700p can't do it either isn't a good excuse for anything. If Palm is going to design a device that's supposed to multitask, they should equip it to do so well. The difference between the 700p's lack of multitasking and the 700w's inability to run more than one app at a time is that on the 700p, it's designed that way. The 700w on the other hand, is supposed to multitask well, but it can't because of its low memory, which in turn causes it to freeze, close programs, or reset. It becomes frustrating to users when they have multiple programs out, but the device is lagging or complaining about memory.

    Just my $.02 on your $.02.

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