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    I am a new 700w user, and have notice something that I do not think has happened before. When surfing the net on IE, the phone will have to dial into broadband access ("777#") with every screen click/link I select. If I am quick, say a second or two between taps, it stays connected, but otherwise, it drops the IE connection rather quickly. I seem to remember the phone was always connected to EVDO when I got it, and I did something to stop it. What might have I have done, or is there a setting to keep it connected for a longer period of time before it times out? Note: I have turned off all push/syncing and auto downloading of email etc to maximize battery life, but I am not sure what setting is affecting the IE from dropping out too. Thanks.
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    bump... anyone? need help!
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    Did you try manually connecting to EVDO to see if the connection sticks?
    1) click on the EV icon in the title bar.
    2) select "settings"
    3) select "Connections"
    4) click on "Manage existing connections"
    5) click and hold on "Broadband Access"
    6) select "Connect"

    If that doesn't work you can try a hard reset. Hopefully you have a backup to restore your apps, contacts and such.

    If that doesn't work I'd call verizon and have them replace your phone.
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    i tried the connecting manually route, and it would still hang up. i finally did a hard reset and installed everything, and all seems well now. i must have screwed something up there. it seemed like it started after i downloaded the wireless sync set up, or set it up online or something. i think i will skip doing that again for now ;-). thanks for the tip!

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