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    Hello folks. I'm new here and I have a question. My brother has a Treo 700 and we're trying to download some pictures from the phone to my PC and vice versa. When we hook up the USB, and plug in the power adapter to the PC recognizes the new hardware, but it goes through the process of trying to communicate it, and it's not happening. It said something about there not being any "drivers" for the new hardware...

    Now my brother can't remember if the phone came with a CD-rom, maybe it did and he's going to have to look for the box.....

    But the basic question is how do I make this happen....Is there a CD-Rom? How do I hook up the Treo 700 to a PC? or should I just read the book that came with it??? lol

    any help is really appreciated..
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    You need Activesync. Follow the instructions that came with the CD to install or download it from the Microsoft website. The CD has a version of MS Outlook so if you don't have it already installed on your PC, you might want to get that.

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    Download ActiveSync 4.1 from Microsoft's site. After that, the mobile device will show up under My Computer, and you can jut browse to the pictures folder.

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